Throughout this document Chase Environmental, Inc. may be referred to by: full name, CEI, or "Company." Employees may be referred to as: Employee(s), "you". Electronic Systems (computer systems, servers, mail client(s) (webmail or other [Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, etc]) will be referrenced as "E-mail."

E-mail is to be used for official company business only. You have no privacy rights in E-mail messages or any other data files. E-mail accounts are subject to monitoring to determine if it complies with Company policy. If you understand and agree to these terms, follow the link below to continue.

Company Property
The E-mail system is Company property and should be used for Company business only. Employee use of the network is considered consent to the policy and to management's right to review E-mail.

Business Only
CEI requires that E-mail be sent only if it has a valid business or work-related, reason. E-mail should not be used to solicit or to advocate non-company or purely personal interests. Foul, offensive, defamatory, pornographic or other inappropriate communication is prohibited.

Right to Monitor
CEI reserves the right to monitor the E-mail network at any time, without prior notice, to ensure that system is being used for Company purposes only, to ensure that employer policies prohibiting harassment are being followed, and to access and examine information in an employee's E-mail mailbox at any time.

Not Private
Employees must understand that they do not have a personal privacy right in any matter created, received, or sent from the E-mail system. Employees are reminded that E-mail can be read or intercepted by others, including inadvertent disclosure, accidental transmission to third parties, or purposeful retransmission to another employee's internal mailing list. Management can and will be able to enter an employee's E-mail mailbox or computer files for business purposes, and for this reason, employees must disclose their personal passwords to the employer.

Need to Know
Employees will disclose information or messages from the E-mail network only to authorized employees and managerial staff. E-mail is limited to those with a need to know. This applies to both company proprietary information or confidential material protected by any privacy right or confidentiality privilege. Sensitive information should not be sent via E-mail.

Policy Violations
E-mail policy violations will subject an employee to disciplinary action, including discharge.

I agree with the Chase Environmental, Inc. E-Mail Policy.
By using the link below to enter the web-mail interface I confirm my Agreement.